Warwick Hash House Harriers

Bringing the weekly hash to the county of Warwickshire

Next Run (#286): Monday, February 26th from The New Inn, Leamington Spa, CV31 1DW


Run #300

The 300th r*n of the Warwick Hash House Harriers will be:

  • On Saturday, June 2nd (2018)
  • From The Fleur De Lys, Lowsonford, B95 5HJ
  • Starting at 1:00pm
  • Run Fee £3.00
  • Optional T-shirt £10.00


When do we meet?

The Warwick Hash House Harriers meet every Monday evening, at 7:00pm, come rain or shine (or very occasionally on Tuesday, when Monday is a public holiday).

If you can't wait until then, or you have other commitments on Mondays, then consider joining one of the other local chapters:

During winter, you might consider bringing along a portable torch but this is not a requirement.


Where do we meet?

We rotate between the following venues such that (during Winter):

We may change this list over time, but we'll update these details if/when we do!


Who are we?

Hashing has been described as a “drinking club with a running problem”.

More specifically, it is social jogging for the unfit, slightly fit and nearly fit. Runs are typically three to four miles and are laid using plain flour, in advance, by one or more “hares”, usually following roads, lanes or footpaths. There are “checks” every half mile, or less, where better runners can run further in endeavouring to find the correct path, and lesser runners can have a rest. Hashing is not a race, the aim is that because of “checks” and “false trails”, all the runners finish at about the same time.

Runs usually start and end at a pub, and it is customary for “hashers” to take advantage of the facilities offered after the run. Dress is usually scruffy running gear (trainers, shorts/tracksuit, T-shirt) as it can be muddy.

If you'd like to try hashing, just turn up at one of the forthcoming runs or, for confirmation of venue/other details, see the Contact section below.

For more details - check out the UK Hash House Harriers description.



If you want to contact somebody before visiting, please feel free to e-mail the “Grand Master”, Átame (send to waksmall@btinternet.com, if the link doesn't work for you).



A few people have asked if we are keeping any record of how many runs people have attended etc. The short answer is yes, we do maintain a table of how many runs you have attended/hared - if anyone would prefer not to be included in this list, just let us know via the Contact details above.